Shutting Down the
Enemy’s Attacks, Threats,
, and Accusations

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"Silence Satan is a must read for all believers!"

− Todd Mullins

About the Book

Silence Satan book

Don’t let Satan silence your voice.

You’re in a battle for your destiny. When facing any opponent, the better you understand your rival, the better your chances for victory. The devil knows who you are, where you came from, and what pushes your buttons, and he will use it all against you. You need to know the same about him so that you can face and overcome his attacks.

Fight back at the foot of the cross.

Framed around Kyle Winkler’s experience of spiritual warfare, Silence Satan reveals the many ways Satan tries to silence us with wounds, accusations, lies, and deceit, and teaches you how to stand strong against him. This battle won’t be won with another good message or song. No. It will be won at the place of Satan’s defeat—at the cross of Christ. In fact, every answer and solution to the situations we face are found at the cross—not new—but always fresh.

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"Get ready to live louder than Satan's voice, and stronger than his lies!"

− Pat Schatzline, Author of I AM REMNANT

"I know everyone who reads Silence Satan will be launched ahead in their spiritual pilgrimages!"

− Dr. Evon Horton, Brownsville Assembly

"Silence Satan is sure to give you the boost you need to get up and get on with fulfilling God's mission for your life."

− Buford Lipscomb, Liberty Network International

"At last—a book that clearly discloses the greatest weapon for overcoming Satan's influence in our lives."

− Sandy Davis Kirk, Ph.D., Author of UNDONE

"Silence Satan will enable you to take hold of the abundant life Christ promised while laying waste to the works of the enemy."

− Daniel K. Norris, Steve Hill Ministries

"Silence Satan will draw you closer to Christ, and He will use it to help you be more effective for your unique calling in the Kingdom."

− Todd Mullins, Christ Fellowship