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"You’re good, brother! People need to pay attention because you’re sharing the truth."

− Steve Hill, Pastor & Evangelist

"This guy is leading a movement to transform lives for God!"

− Pat Schatzline, Author & Evangelist

"Kyle stands as a fresh voice with a burning passion to see people encounter God."

− Daniel Norris, Evangelist

Most Requested Messages

The Noose or the Nails

Today, Satan lures us down a dangerous road to be hung by the very ropes with which he’s binding us. But God offers His road—one of transformation at the cross. This illustrated message leads the audience to a place of freedom and fearless living where wounds are healed and Satan’s lies are silenced.

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The Voice of Truth

A key to a victorious life is to understand that, because of the cross of Christ, you are made worthy. Regardless of your past, God declares you are loved, accepted and righteous. This illustrated message arouses listeners to the truth of what God declares about them, assuring of His desire to use them mightily.

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The Uniform of the Righteous

Kyle instructs that spiritual warfare is not about engaging in combat with a devil that’s defeated, but standing in the victory of the One who has defeated him. This illustrated message explores the various pieces of the uniform of Christ, known as the full armor of God. It reveals to the audience how to apply each piece in order to stand in their identities in Christ.